Lots of activities at Albuen Strand Camping

Let the kids play on the playground or enjoy some fun hours by the pool. Or maybe football needs to be found for a match on the small football field. Just 450 meters away there are child-friendly beaches and good fishing water. Also feel free to participate in our activities we have put together for you both in low / high season.

Activities in 2022

20 Saturday: Sausage course
22 Friday: Roll sausage course
Saturday: Roll sausage course
26Tuesday: Making Teddy Bears
Saturday: Sausage course
27Tuesday: Stone painting
Thursday: Children ‘s fun with cardboard and paper
Thursday: Jewelry party
Saturday: Pigparty
28Tuesday: Pearls plates & Making Teddy Bears
Wednesday : Make bread on a campfire
29Tuesday: Children Banko
Thursday : Make Christmas decorations
Saturday: Christmas Eve July 23th
30Tuesday: Football practice
Wednesday: Beer tasting
Thursday : Making Teddy Bears
31Tuesday: Pearls plates
Thursday : Make bread on a campfire
32Tuesday: Stone painting
Thursday : Children ‘s fun with cardboard and paper