Cosiness, togetherness – relaxation for the whole family

Albuen Strand Camping is located in natural green surroundings with the possibility of beautiful walking and cycling routes. Just 300 meters away there are child-friendly beaches and good fishing water. There is also something for the water dogs, as we have 2 swimming pools: a baby / children’s pool and a slightly larger one for water-loving guests. Likewise, there are just the right optimal conditions for kitesurfers.

Fun and games for the whole family at Albuen Strand Camping
Family activities at Albuen Strand Camping

The campsite is close to many cultural offerings and activities, such as Knuthenborg Safari Park, Lalandia and the artistic monument Dodekalitten. Our own activities range from sausage and sausage courses, beer tasting, stone grinding, snobrød baking, jewelry parties, Christmas events on July 23, pig feast and much much more.

If you need a place for accommodation, holidays or weekend stays where the sky is high and the opportunity to really relax, then Albuen Strand Camping is the place for you.

Activities in 2022

20 Saturday: Sausage course
22 Friday: Roll sausage course
Saturday: Roll sausage course
26Tuesday: Making Teddy Bears
Saturday: Sausage course
27Tuesday: Stone painting
Thursday: Children ‘s fun with cardboard and paper
Thursday: Jewelry party
Saturday: Pigparty
28Tuesday: Pearls plates & Making Teddy Bears
Wednesday : Make bread on a campfire
29Tuesday: Children Banko
Thursday : Make Christmas decorations
Saturday: Christmas Eve July 23th
30Tuesday: Football practice
Wednesday: Beer tasting
Thursday : Making Teddy Bears
31Tuesday: Pearls plates
Thursday : Make bread on a campfire
32Tuesday: Stone painting
Thursday : Children ‘s fun with cardboard and paper