General rules

At a campsite, many people live in a limited area. They have different habits and that is just part of the charm of camping. But it also means that a few simple rules must necessarily apply so as to avoid some campers being a nuisance to others. The following rules of order have therefore been drawn up.

Stay at the square

The camp managers and assistants are responsible for peace and order and are available in case of problems. The instructions of the camp manager must always be followed. We ask you to show consideration for other camping guests and point out that noisy behavior is not allowed.

In the period at 22.00-07.00 there must be peace in the square.

During the stay, all driving must be reduced to the most necessary, and this necessary driving must always take place at a walking pace (below 10 km / h).

Caravans must be mobile, ie. registered for driving under the Traffic Act.

According to the camp manager’s instructions, it is allowed to set up a storage tent (approx. 3 m²). The reading slats, children’s tents and dog fences normally found in the trade may only be erected by agreement with the camp manager – private fencing in addition to the unit space is not permitted.

Installation of flagpoles, antennas and excavation at the unit site may only take place by agreement with the camp manager.

The use of any kind of weapon and fireworks is prohibited on the site. On-site trade is only accepted if the camp manager’s permission is obtained. Common facilities, ie. toilets, laundry rooms, kitchens, etc., must be left in the same condition as you want them to be – ie. clean and tidy.

The waste containers set up on site must always be used.

Play and ball games

Most campsites have their own playground and ball field. Help your children find the places where they can play or play ball. Ball games must not take place between tents and caravans.


If dogs have access to the space, they must be led in a short line (max. 2 m). They must not make unnecessary noise and aeration must take place outside the area of ​​the site or at a designated place. Always carry a plastic bag with you if the accident occurs.

Arrival and Departure

Arrival tent and campsites from 2 p.m. Cabins from 3 p.m. You must notify the camp manager of your departure time as far in advance as possible, especially during periods of queuing. Unless otherwise agreed with the camp manager, your place must be cleared and cleaned no later than 11.00 for the sake of newly arrived guests. Cabins must be left at 10:00 a.m.


The campsite owner and camp manager assumes no responsibility for damage or loss of the camping guests’ belongings. Anyone who damages buildings, equipment or fellow campers’ property can be held liable in accordance with the general rules of compensation. Most campers are naturally considerate in their behavior. Sanctions against the few who do not comply with the rules of the square are expulsion.


Drains from the trolley must under no circumstances be led directly or indirectly into the ground. Containers for collecting wastewater must be emptied into the drainage basins located on the site. All waste must be sorted. Bulky waste such as awnings, tarpaulins and furniture must be handed in at the public recycling station. Garden waste must be disposed of, cf. signage.

Nature and environment

The campsite is located in the middle of nature, and we ask you to show consideration and protect both nature and the environment – both depend on your protection.

Season places

For camping guests who have entered into an agreement with the campsite to rent a seasonal pitch, more detailed rules apply:

Occupancy can only take place when the full amount has been paid.

 Any reading slings and children’s tents may only be set up in agreement with the camp manager and in compliance with the fire regulations’ provisions on min. distance of 3 meters between the units, and must be taken down when taking home / leaving the place.

It is only allowed to park within the permitted area.

The seasonal price is incl. up to 4 day guests – in addition a guest ticket is purchased. There may be. extra person is purchased for Kr. 100.00 pr. season. Or NOK 25.00 per. day.

Subletting of the pitch is not allowed.

Consumption of electricity is settled per. month at the current rate per. Kwh. The rate will be regulated by a significant price increase from the electricity supply.

establishment of flowers and / or herb beds is not allowed. Maintenance (lawn mowing, hedge trimming and cleaning of the rented area) is the responsibility of the pitch tenants.

In awnings, the establishment of tent bases consisting of carpets, wood flooring, tiles or the like is accepted. So a bottom, but not something that sticks out

In the event of eviction before the end of the season, no part of the rent can be demanded refunded.

At the end of a season, the caravan must be moved and the area must be cleared no later than week 42. Unless a winter storage agreement has been reached.

If items are left behind, they will be removed at the customer’s expense. It is not allowed to have a residential address at the campsite.

The camp manager’s instructions must be followed at all times, if this is not observed, it can lead to expulsion from the site.


Security must be in order when you are on a camping holiday. Both for your own sake and for your neighbors’ sake, it is important that the electrical and gas installations in the caravan are in order.

An accident is an accident too much, and many accidents can be prevented by a little care and control.

The camping industry encourages you as a camper to regularly have the gas and electrical installations in your caravan reviewed by professionals.

You can help reduce the number of accidents at the campsite by having your electrical and gas installations checked.

Observe fire distance of 3 meters!

Remember that it is not only yourself, it goes beyond if the accident is out…