The nature at Albuen – a unique nature experience

Tangen omkring Albuen er ca. 6,5 km
Smukke blomster er flot syn ved Albuen

Albuen is an approximately 6, 5 km. narrow isthmus, also called krumodde, on the west coast of Lolland. The stretch is a very special area, which is created from rocks and sand that have been brought here for thousands of years. The trip to Albuen lighthouse, Albuen harbor and Horsnæs Hage can be done on foot which gives the opportunity to experience the fascinating view as well as the beautiful nature. One can enjoy a ride with historic Post Boat from the water side.

Beautiful, unique and adventurous nature at Albuen

Naturen omkring Albuen er helt unik
Dyrelivet ved Albuen er mangfoldigt

The beautiful light from the low fjord and the deep belt offers an experience when you are on the Elbow. Likewise, the area is completely unique when large parts of the Albuen are wrapped in white, pink and yellow colors. These colors come from the English grass, the white yarrow and the yellow snipe.

In May – June there is an opportunity to experience Albuen’s beach toad choir, these rare toads give breathtaking and loud concerts on the warm summer evenings. At Albuen there is a rich bird life, which is also attracted to the area where you are surrounded by sky and sea.

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