Albuen is the undiscovered paradise of water sports and even family-friendly

Come and experience the 6 kilometer long lagoon with its crystal clear and flat water.

Whether you want windsurf waves, kitesurfing in completely flat water or both, they are available at a distance of 10 meters on Albuen. The Albuen Lagoon is perfect for kitesurfers and can be surfed with almost any wind direction. Regardless wind direction there is flat water which is perfect for jumping and doing tricks. In addition, the water is 5-10 degrees warmer in summer as it is not very deep, which also makes the lagoon perfect for beginners.

Should the wind fail then you can practice Stand Up Paddle throughout the lagoon with both children and family. The water is warm and the view beautiful as the day is long. In addition, there are no waves or currents because the lagoon is shallow with crystal blue water in the afternoon. At the same time, the lagoon is child-friendly because there is no appreciable current or waves. So playing with ball is quite harmless.

On the outside of the lagoon there is a kilometer-long beach with sand dunes and reeds. Here you can swim in waves and for the more hiking enthusiasts there is the opportunity to go for a long walk to the end of the Elbow and see the lighthouse. On the way you can enjoy the fantastic view of Langeland and the many bird species that live in the area and at the same time see the sheep grazing.

If you only come for surfing, vacation or relaxation then pay attention to the rules of conservation and protection of nature. In the same way that the lagoon is unique, it must remain unique by respecting the rules. The lagoon is protected for windsurfing from October to March, so the birds can have peace to breed and eat. We are of course very happy and proud of nature’s classification as a Natura 2000 area and expect that our guests will help to protect and protect nature both inside and outside the season.

Come and have an experience whether it is on land, water or in the air.

For os er Albuen Strand klart et af de bedste Kitespots i Østersøen.

“For us, Albuen Strand is clearly one of the best Kitespots in the Baltic Sea:

Beginners, experienced and freestylers get something for the money in Søndernor. Corrugated and foil kites go in the water on the belt side and have fun and challenging… “

Claudia, Till & Nudels, Hamburg

Begyndere, øvede og freestylere har alle mulighed for store oplevelser ved Albuen.